Social Media is about conversations with clients, partners and community. s-go Consulting can help you leverage social media as a tool for sales, support, PR and promotion. It is a spoke in the wheel of success.

Social Media Strategy

Social Media StrategyDeveloping an effective social media strategy can appear complex, but s-go Consulting can analyze your needs and break down the different options for you so that steps to implement are understandable and executable.

Social media is all about conversations with your clients, potential clients, vendors, partners, employees and yes, competitors. It can be used for support, for public relations, brand building and marketing, blog promotion and influence.

It should build trust and authority.

Social media includes social networking websites like Facebook and LinkedIn and video communities like YouTube. It definitely includes blogging and commenting. It encompasses micro blogging like Twitter and photo sharing like Flickr. Social bookmarking sites like and social news sites like Digg or Reddit are sharing sites within social media. And there is more.

Is your social media marketplace local, regional, national or international? Are there conversations about you or your company that are already taking place that you are not part of? Can you actually increase revenue through social media?

s-go believes that your website strategy, SEO strategy and social media strategy are all part of an integrated approach to maximize your online brand - presence and build trust and authority.

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